Closing the Wealth Gap

As $68 trillion transitions between generations, it marks the most significant wealth transfer in history, unlocking immense opportunity for your financial future.

The baby boomers, who have made their mark as one of the wealthiest generations in history, are reaching a significant milestone. By December 31st, 2030, the last of the baby boomers will have celebrated their 65th birthdays.

But there’s a crucial issue at hand.

Over the next few decades, a staggering $68 trillion will change hands between generations. This presents a major challenge—the Wealth Gap. It’s the divide between the wealth baby boomers have accumulated and their ability to manage and secure it wisely.

Many baby boomers lack the financial knowledge needed to protect their assets. Without the right guidance, their hard-earned wealth is at risk of being mishandled or lost. Adding to the problem, some financial institutions aren’t willing to assist baby boomers because they don’t meet certain asset requirements.


We’re On A Mission

At GFI, our mission is to make a significant impact on people’s financial well-being and their ability to create positive change. We believe in a holistic approach to financial empowerment, which is why we have a three-part mission that guides our work.

We understand the urgency of closing the wealth gap for the baby boomer generation and in doing so, empower everyone to build wealth and turn their dreams into realities.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower 100 million families to achieve financial independence and gain control over their financial destinies. We will help more people become millionaires than any other company in history, become the #1 inspirational marketing company in the world, and become the largest leadership movement in the industry with over 1 million licensed agents dedicated to helping families dream again!

Our Team

To realize our vision, we unite entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and experiences, providing them with a proven system to build, grow, and scale their businesses.

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